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October 14, 2012 at 18:10



Heritage is one of those words that seems to be fading from our culture. We don’t often hear it, especially when it comes to family. Unlike generations before us who lived in such close proximity that you not only knew your own family heritage, but that of everyone else in your community, we now live in a world that is driven by the fast-pace of technology, and are sometimes hundreds of miles away from our nearest relatives.

My family and I fall into the category of one separated and spread across multiple states. Although spread a part, we have tried to maintain our bond and, for that, I am extremely grateful. One of the most precious bonds to me is my grandmother – Granny to me, Lydia Wuerch to others.

This month our family is celebrating her 90th birthday with a month of daily affirmations and surprises. My mom, Donna, is helping to spearhead the festivities and is keeping all of us up-to-date daily through Facebook. This week, our family had the opportunity to celebrate with Granny and treat her to the giant Solavei bus rolling up in front of her house.


Granny is a beautiful woman and one of my most significant influences in life. It is an honor to celebrate the rich heritage she cultivates for our family – teaching us all that faith is the number one thing in life, after that comes family and then everything else. The lessons I’ve learned from her are too numerous to count. Even being a Solavei member is natural for Granny because whether it’s sporting games, shopping trips, school plays, birthday parties or a new business venture – if one of her kids, grand-kids or great-grand-kids is involved – Granny is always right there to show her support.

I want to always honor Granny by cultivating heritage in our family. Nothing in life is more important than the people you choose to spend it with – I’m thankful for my heritage.

Celebrating Granny’s 90th Birthday


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